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Doing Things Differently...

17th April 2020

So, you’re back for more… (Gosh you must be bored!)

Sitting here on a Friday afternoon, with nothing much else to do, I thought it’d be a good time to get my ass in gear & put it out there how we work & what we do differently. Aside from our unique sewing method, we do offer an extra little service…

Consultations - Like them annoying sales guys that visit carpet shops day in, day out – I do that. If you’d like me to call in to talk about the service we provide, the samples available or pricing etc, I’ll quite happily make an appointment with you to showcase what we offer & talk things through face to face. I’m just old fashioned like that, I can’t help it…the personal touch is still important people!

Sample swatches – I provide beautiful colour sample swatches for Carpet Retailers & Interior Designers to use in their showrooms. From my Repping days I know how important having a sample book to hand can be. I hold most of the colours the ‘Big Guys’ in the industry offer & can match (most) colours with an exact match.

Sewn samples – I have two options of sewn samples to offer. The first is a good-sized piece of carpet, taped on both edges to create a mini stair runner. This shows the end user not only the stitching quality, but how impressive a stair runner looks in the flesh. I’ve found this to be a very popular choice of sampling for showrooms!

Small Samples – The second option of sampling is a small envelope size sample, sewn with a small amount of tape. This is a great option for end users who have decided on a carpet, but need a little help to see the edging colour choice & carpet together. Most manufactures post out samples & I just use them, sewn with the end users’ colour of choice.

Collection & Delivery – To take the hassle out of your day, I can arrange collection & delivery of your order. This does come at an extra cost mind, but if it makes it easier, this is no problem for me.

Display Stands - Now then, this is the BIG ONE! As we speak, I am working on developing a small display stand to get out into the market. Most manufactures have stands, so why would I not do this? It is very early days…but for me, this is very VERY exciting!



So there you have it – If you’d like to be involved or know more, get in touch!

E [email protected] M 07791402989 @nicolaedwardscarpetedging 

My First Ever Blog (attempt!)...

5th April 2020

To say that I like to ramble on about pointless stuff, it's quite surprising that this is my first ever attempt at writing a blog!  I'll keep it short & sweet... & I can't promise it will be any good or have any structure to it at all, but I'll give it a go.

We are in day 14 (I think?) of the bloody Corona virus lock-down & my new beloved little business has sadly been put on hold.  I haven't added any posts to my Instagram/Facebook page since all this kicked off, well because, it just seems wrong somehow to still be pushing for business in these worrying times?!  But is it the right or wrong thing to do?  Who knows?! Being a grafter though, it is sooooo hard to have nothing to do?!  So here I am, a self-confessed technophobe, updating a website & writing a blog!   

I started Nicola Edwards in September last year & have loved every second of becoming a 'business owner'.  Sales have been better than expected & the business is/was running very fast, very quick , I could almost say a little too fast for a new business, but I don't want to jinx it.  

I'd worked in the Flooring Industry for the past 4 (maybe 5) years before doing this, firstly as an Office Manager for a German carpet manufacture & then as a Business Development Manager (Fancy way of saying Sales Rep) for a Company that shall not be named. (Still give me the shudders!).   

At the grand old age of 35 & with the support of my hubby, I decided to take the plunge & finally become self-employed.  My Mum, my Grandma & myself have always had the sewing bug... growing up, sewing had always been around, as a hobby, a passion & an income once upon a time! (hello to all the DFS sofa cushions I've made in the past!).  It just made sense to build a business from a passion & that is how Nicola Edwards was born.  I can honestly say, I love the work that I do & it shows in the standard of work I create.  Granted, I'm not the cheapest out there, but it is an excellent quality, years of experience & a highly skilled finish I'm providing. Not a 'cheap as chips' 'that'll do' service.   

After my best month ever in March & a whole load of super exciting top-secret plans for the future, Covid-19 happens.  I know, we are all in the same boat & I shouldn't be grumbling because there are way more important things in the World than my little business... but I was just getting started! I'd just set off from the Starting Line! Cut down in my bloody prime!!  Ah well... What will be will be!

I'll leave it there for now, because I do feel I'm starting to ramble on a bit... But to finish off, I'm still undecided on what I think the future will bring after Covid-19.  If you know me, you will know I love a good conspiracy & this is not the time or place to be talking crazy talk.  But Business wise, I'll be okay